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Dean | Ultimate Plumbing

Used Croc Crete on shower waste blocked with concrete. Best .product used for these problems. Was easily able to clear the blockage after using Croc Crete

Chris | Metro West Plumbing

Bought a couple of the cutter tools from Ryan. Had a cut out job in 100mm sewere. used the ripper and lateral cutter. They worked a treat!!

Riaan | Offshore Services

Pipe had existing rust scaling and blockages. Ryan helped me with recommending the sleeve and circular chain knockers. Job Successfull and Happy Client! 

Scott | mainline drainage

Had a concrete blockage from builder. So happy we didn’t have to dig up the pipes. Used croc crete and cleared the blockage.

Joel | DrainsPipes

Had a liner to tidy up. Used the re-instatement sand paper tool to tidy up left over resin and wrinkles in liner.

Chris | Drainworks

Got called to a blocked drain. Multiple breaks and broken PVC in the line. Used the carbide grinde tool on spring drain rods. Works great, broken PVC was a no contest.

John | Johnys Drains

Renssi RCM10 is Super impressive. Heaps of grunt and power. Used with 4″ chains on 4″ stacks, got 8 stacks completed in one day some of which were 80% encrusted. Great unit to drive chains and cutter heads.

Mike | Sydney Boats

Ryan helped me out with some 8mm drain cable, PVC chain and a steel/nylon brush for 40mm sewer pipes in engine room on my boat. Great service from Ryan and the goods supplied worked fantastic!

Dave | Omega Plumbing

Got the Warthog WS-1/2 from Ryan. Great service and prompt delivery of the warthog. Warthog jetting head is used most days of the week, very reliable and wont let you down.

John | Watermark Plumbing

We used Croc Crete on a blocked disconnector gully. The gully was full of a floor leveling compound and could not becleared using traditional methods. Croc Crete dissolved the compound and the residue was flushed out.

John | Johnys Drains

Renssi RCM-10 machine and chains were used for removing Cement from rest bend of 3 inch down pipe. The rest bend was already broken before our work started. The chain with drill head broke though the cement and prepared for re-lining.

Tony | MetroDrain

Have used Croc-crete on numerous jobs and it hasn’t let me down at all. Cleared tilers grout, exposed agregate in stormwater line, concrete in gully. The product works great and would reccomend to any plumber!