Clear Concrete From Drain Pipes

Clear Concrete from Drain Pipe

Clear Concrete From Drain Pipes

A common problem is how to clear concrete from drain pipes. As with many construction sites and new home building sites, during the construction operations, in order to maintain machinery and equipment in the good working order it is often washed down after use. Where such equipment has been used for the preparation, movement or installation of concrete this can cause problems for the drainage system as wash-down water makes its way off site into the local drainage network. Also building contractors on new home site have a tendency to be care free and wash grout and other Portland products down the sewer or stormwater drain for someone else to worry about at a later date!

When this is done over a period of time it can be the case that even newly laid drainage pipes can become laden with set concrete which then has to be removed to ensure the long-term viability and proper operation of the drainage system.

Being able to successfully clear concrete from drain pipes is a common question for drain clearing and pipe relining contractors. There are a variety of mechanical tooling to break and remove concrete from inside a pipe. Common problems this technique has is getting the tool to the concrete if the pipeline has multiple bends before you can access it and also the damage caused to the host pipe when using the mechanical tooling to break and remove the concrete. If the concrete is hardened over several years this can also pose a greater risk of damaging the host pipe to remove concrete.

Removal of the concrete can be achieved by using a biodegradable solution that softens the concrete and allows removal by hydro-jetting. The solution only attacks the portland component of the grout, cement or concrete product thus reversing its hardening effect and softening to water jetting removal.

You can find this product at the following link – Croc-Crete

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  1. Cihan kaya says:

    Iv recently built a unit at back of an existing house and motar has gone down the storm water pipe. Its a 150mm pipe that needs clearing. For about 2 mtrs iv had camera to see the blockage. Could you help me south eastern suburbs.

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