Drain Cleaning Chains are a Multi-Use Tool

Chain Scraper

Drain Cleaning Chains are a Multi-Use Tool!

Drain Cleaning Chains are well known for cleaning scale, rust and lime from cast iron and steel pipes. They are a powerful and very effective tool for bringing these pipes back to their original state of glory.

However the tools can also be used for removing debris or obstructions inside the pipe. This could be anything from broken PVC you need to remove before pipe relining or even a wooden stake you may come across inside the pipe.

You can watch a video here of a 25mm Broom Handle being cut through using a Circular Chain Knocker. As you can see the broom handle is cut through in a matter of twenty seconds.

This makes using Drain Cleaning Chains a great multi-purpose tool for any pipe relining truck or van out in the field.

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