How to clean a clogged drain with Grease

Grease Grenade - Sewer Degreaser

Grease build-up and solidification inside drain pipes is a very common and major plumbing problem. When trying to clear this built up grease or grease blockage from the pipe, it can be an exhausting project.

One of the most common occurrences of where grease build-up and solidification occurs is where kitchens are located long distances from the grease trap. When a grease clogged drain occurs, it creates a bad smell, messy and very un-hygienic situation very quickly. A grease blockage can often be one of the worst blocked drains to overcome and deal with.

Where does grease come from?

Grease, oil and fat are common by-products of foods and or cooking processes. Further to this many other elements can cause the accumulation of grease inside drainage pipes, generally all are a by-product of food. Grease also builds up over an extended period of time.

Once you have a grease clogged drain you require a quality product to not only clear the grease blockage but also stay inside the pipe to help prevent further grease blockages and slow / stop the solidification of grease on the walls of your drainage pipe.

So how do you clean a drain clogged with grease?

Hydro-Jetting is a common technique for clearing blocked drains. This is done using a water jetter which sends a high pressure hose with a jetting nozzle to pass through the drainage pipe and blast and clear the grease blockage. When trying to clear grease blockages, the use of only water can lead to a difficult and long process.

A better method is to use an industrial strength degreasing chemical that can be diluted with the water and then injected into the drainage pipe through the water jetter. One great product on the market that has been developed by Pipe Magic is called Grease Grenade.

The Grease Grenade solution works by penetrating built up grease and breaks down the grease blockage. Another great advantage is the product once applied remains entrenched into the internal pipe wall surface and helps maintain and prevent future grease blockages from occurring.

If only using water with no grease grenade additive you can see from the photos below that the grease remains in clumps and will be a far more difficult chore to clear and penetrate the built up grease. Once Grease Grenade is added to the water supply for the jetter it can easily penetrate and break down the grease blockage.

Grease from Kitchen Grease Pit
Grease with Water Only Added to it
Grease with Grease Grenade Solution Applied

In short the best way to clean a drain clogged with grease it to use Grease Grenade and also high pressure water jetter with a good jetting nozzle.

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