How to Clear Concrete From Drain Pipes

how to clear concrete from drain pipes

How to Clear Concrete From Drain Pipes – Step By Step Guide

This is a step by step guide on how to clear concrete from drain pipes.

As a plumber we often get phone calls from multiple trades and home owners about blocked pipes. With many construction sites and new homes builds a common problem in today’s world is blockages cause from concrete, tilers grout, tilers mud, screed, floor leveller and other cement based products that find there way into the drainage system. This is generally the sewerage or stormwater drainage network of a house, unit, high rise etc.

The most common blockage is concrete, grout, screed and floor leveller in the four way riser floor waste of a bathroom. The other most common is the shower waste trap is blocked with concrete, floor leveller or grout.

Step 1

Remove waste water from the floor waste or trap. This can be done using a wet-vac.

Step 2

Inspect the Drain or Floor Waste using a drain camera or Pipe CCTV.

From the vision its best to try to determine which type of product has blocked the pipe. If we can see aggregate in the hardened substrate this would often mean its concrete. If the vision shows a flat coloured surface, light or dark grey this would likely mean its a tilers grout or floor leveller in the drain.

Its also helpful if possible to find out further information from the builder or tiler on what is thought to be in the drainage pipe.

Step 3

Using the correct PPE, poor the Croc Crete product into the floor waste ensuring there is good coverage of the Croc Crete liquid over the blockage.

Step 4

Its important to ensure the Croc Crete product remains in contact with the blockage for a 12-24 hour period.

Step 5

The Croc liquid will do its work on the blockage, the product is designed to be absorbed into the blockage and soften it turning the hardened substrate into a sludge.

Step 6 

Check and inspect the blockage to ensure all has been soften and dissolved.

A flex shaft or rod can be used to disturb the surface and make sure the blockage has been dissolved.

how to clear concrete from drain pipes

Step 6 

Use a wet-vac to suck out the softened sludge. Or flush using water. A hydro-jetter can also be used to high pressure flush the trap or drainage pipe.

If the blockage has made its way around the trap. The front of the trap should be cleared using the wet-vac and re-apply the Croc Crete product to clear the remaining blockage through the trap.

As a contractor each job is different and every batch of concrete is different. The solution will react differently on every batch of concrete or grout.

It’s best to keep the target surface in contact with the purest Croc Crete solution for the optimum results.

Once the Croc-crete starts to work, it’s best to disturb the target surface again to get the Croc-crete at full strength again on the new un-damaged concrete surface.

The solution only attacks the portland component of the grout, cement or concrete product thus reversing its hardening effect and softening to water jetting removal.

You can find this product at the following link – Croc-Crete

Please see below a step by step video of the Croc Crete process.

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