Londons ‘Concreteberg’

Londons ConcreteBerg

Abuse of the sewer network is a problem in itself with people who flush and poor anything down into our sanitary systems. As we have seen recently this has been taken to the extreme with a 100-meter-long mass being discovered in London by UK authorities. The large mass being labelled as a ‘Concreteberg’ that is blocking three sewers in the heart of the capital London.

Thames Water’s operations manager, Alex Saunders, said it was the largest mass of concrete the company had seen, and could take months to remove at a cost of at least several hundred thousand pounds.

Concrete, Cement, Grout, Mortar, Floor levelling compound are all common products used in the construction industry and mis-use and disposal of these products is poorly handled. Unfortunately these very common products find their way down the sewer and as a result cure hard and create blockages in our sewer system. The Concreteberg’ in London is safe to say, would be the largest on record of any concrete mass being poured into the sewer system.

Clearing concrete and any portland cement products from beneath the surface in our sewer pipes and city & councils infrastructure is a tedious and very difficult job for anyone. Conctractors are required to use existing access pits and locations to send tooling down the pipes to try and clear the blockage and permanently remove the concrete.

Pipe Magic offer a product called Croc Crete that was developed for the very purpose of being able to quickly dissolve and soften concrete or any portland cement product that has found it’s way into drain pipes. The Croc Crete liquid attacks only the portland cement component of concrete and dissolves the solid, creating a mushy mess that can be easily cleared using water jetting or a wet/dry vac where this no down-stream access.

The contractor/s who have the mammoth task of clearing and removing the Concreteberg which is the size of a blue-whale, have a difficult task at hand and will require professional drain clearing equipment and a product like Croc Crete to break through the huge blocked sewer mass.

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