Manhole Repair and Rehabilitation

Manhole Repair and Refurbishment

Manhole Repair and Rehabilitation | Pipe Magics Solution for Deteriorating Manholes

Manhole Repair and Rehabilitation is required as manholes reach the end of their lifespan, their deterioration can start to cause significant problems and put additional strain on sewer systems.

Manhole inspection, rehabilitation and refurbishment may not be the most glamorous of topics, but it is nevertheless an integral part of maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of Australian wastewater and sewer networks. 

With Pipe magic’s manhole rehabilitation products, these are able to repair cracks, seal against water intrusion, and create an ongoing resistance to H2S and microbial-induced corrosion (MIC). Products available for both a manhole base rehabilitation, or full rehabilitation to suit your needs.

Pipemagic’s manhole rehabilitation products have been scientifically designed to bond to each other, locking on to the base and walls of the manhole to create a gas-tight seal. Manufactured out of QLD Australia and readily available.

Our locally manufactured products are suitable for all projects big and small.

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