Pipe Relining Advantages over Replacement

Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining is a no-dig, no-fuss method of fixing pipes. The pipe relining process has a plethora of advantages over the traditional old excavation methods. The process and pipe relining equipment used has gain momentum over the past several years and is now the preferred method when there is a broken of blocked pipe not accessible for repair.

Here are some key advantages of Pipe Relining over Replacement:

It is a Cost Effective method of repair – an example is a crack or displaced join inside your sewer pipe beneath your bathroom floor. Yes you can hack the tiles up and cut the slab to access the pipe for repair. Or using pipe relining equipment and material you can repair the pipe at a much lower cost.

Quicker alternative – not only does it work out to be a more cost effective repair. The process can be completed within a matter of hours in comparison to hacking and excavating to access the pipe for repair which could take days or even weeks. The end result is a faster repair.

Less Mess – one of the key advantages is the repair process is completed without destroying the surface to access the pipes. The end result is your driveway, kitchen tiles or wooden floor boards are not touched and no mess is left during the process.

These are just several key advantages of Pipe Relining over the traditional replacement method.

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